1975 Chevy Camaro burns out and fails spectacularly

1975 Chevy Camaro burns out and fails spectacularly

Somewhere in Europe, Camaro fever burns with gusto—as evident by the owner of this otherwise clean, tough-looking 1975 Chevy Camaro, which mugs for the camera with an impromptu burnout, and with disastrous consequences.

Somehow, the Camaro pulls off a wimpy but well-meaning burnout, then sashays nervously across the road, and manages to hit the only light pole on the street. Grand Theft Auto, this isn’t. Thanks to Malaise Era bumper engineering, the impact isn’t hard, fortunately—and nobody got hurt—but it manages to twist the pole at a jaunty angle. Plus, that won’t be easy to explain to your insurance adjuster, or your parole officer.

1975 Camaro Burnout Fail




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