An in-depth look at the new Camaro SS

An in-depth look at the new Camaro SS

2016 is shaping up to be a hell of a year for American muscle. The new Mustang is good and all, but the new Camaro has been biding its development time, and is not letting it take all the accolades.

YouTube notable Saabkyle04 finally gets a comprehensive look at the new Camaro SS. And by comprehensive, we mean it: with specs on steering, transmission, fuel economy, and how to use the revised interior componentry. There’s also sounds, driving and static, of the dual mode exhaust. If you’ve thought about buying a new Camaro SS, this is probably the closest you’d get short of visiting your local dealership.

The yellow tester probably came in around $38,395, with the optional dual-mode exhaust. Watch on to see how the new Camaro fares in the eyes of one of the best auto reviewers on YouTube today.

2016 Camaro deep dive




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