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2016 Camaro SS gets 700-mile review from Cars.com

2016 Camaro SS gets 700-mile review from Cars.com

Cars.com recently participated on Chevrolet’s road trip press event, gifted with a brand new sixth-generation Camaro SS. Seven hundred miles from Dallas, Texas, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shouldn’t be a problem.

It looks like they took it down some fun, forgotten roads. Yes, it can do a burnout. No, the visibility is not good. It’s got some bang-for-buck features like the infotainment system that “work flawlessly,” as editor Joe Bruzek explains, as does the 455-horsepower V8 that enables him to attempt some public-road drifting action.

With 700 miles, Bruzek has a lot of ground to cover, as well as a lot of info, and a few more burnouts along the way.

2016 Camaro SS Test Drive



Test Drive

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