Twin-turbo Chevy Duramax races C7 Corvette: who wins?

Twin-turbo Chevy Duramax races C7 Corvette: who wins?

Who’s going to triumph in the battle of pickup versus sports car? It might be closer than you think.

This twin-turbo Duramax diesel twists the earth with its tremendous torque. When a red C7 Corvette flies past, thinking he’s the king of the world, Duramax Driver stomps on the throttle, lets loose some black smoke, and gives him a nice little surprise.

The black-on-black Duramax sure looks mean, and sure sounds good: few things in life mean business more than the whine of a spooling turbocharger or two. We’d like to see this race again, with one caveat: put the lifted Silverado on dirt first.

Chevy Silverado Duramax vs Corvette C7




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