FireBall’s 990HP Camaro comes ready to slay Shelbys and Hellcats

FireBall’s 990HP Camaro comes ready to slay Shelbys and Hellcats

We’ve seen for months the FireBall Camaro team lighting up YouTube with some of the fastest sixth-gen Camaros to hit the strip, and to say we’ve been impressed is an understatement, but now you can take home from select dealers your very own 990 hp, Shelby and “FatCat” slaying Camaro.

What may look like a stock Camaro SS from the outside, is anything but that. The FireBall Camaro bears supercar-worthy performance figures.

This road-legal Camaro SS was unveiled earlier this month at the 2017 SEMA show and according to the FireBall team, puts down a massive 990 hp at the flywheel (827 whp), and 677.34 lb-ft (918 Nm) of torque.

Do the math friends – that’s a whopping 340 hp more than a ZL1!

The Fireball Camaro will be available at select dealers with an MSRP of less than $90,000. Expensive, yes… but since when did this much power come cheap?

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