2016 Fireball Camaro runs 9s

2016 Fireball Camaro runs 9s

You knew it was coming. The sixth-gen Camaro has finally hit the nines, and the above video is all the proof you need.

With a 150-shot of nitrous, along with ported heads, a custom cam, 1-7/8-inch long tube headers and full 3-inch exhaust, this appropriately-named “Fireball” Camaro SS positively scorched the quarter-mile with a new record of 9.83 seconds at 130mph.

Unfortunately, according to another video the Camaro snapped a passenger side axle after that run and couldn’t go any further.

If you remember, this had once been the first brand-new 2016 Camaro to hit the ten-second mark. Well, now it’s even faster than that. Once a set of new and stronger aftermarket axles arrive, this car will be back to setting faster and faster times.

2016 Fireball Camaro SS

2016 Fireball Camaro SS




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